4 September 2011

Hseven Photo shoot at revolution climbing centre

Well, here is the promised part A of our new photo shoots. Spent the afternon with photographers Jonathan Lockwood and Francois Joubert.  I have yet to see the pix but they are really going to be brilliant. These pix are to replace the old Halo 7 ones. Rachael McCabe and Mark Biddlecombe were our models and complimented each other amazingly well. It is awseome when you give someone a chance to shine and they step up to the challenge. A big thank you to Mark Franks for pitching in.

This was Francois's first climbing shoot and provided the perfect opportunity to hang him up in the rafters to practise his art. We really just had fun and it was awesome to spend time together. After all that is what Hseven is all about, relationships and fun. 

Keep tuned in as next sunday we have part two of the Photo shoot. More fun in the Sun and awesome pix.   Here is a bit of behind the scenes footage ..

Enjoy !!! Ali

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