7 January 2013

Hseven where we have been and where we are going

Here is a testament to the guys and girls that support Hseven and who have taken our kit far and wide since our inception. From the Amazon basin & the frozen plains of Iceland to the heights of Africa and the palyground of the Alps, we are getting our name out there, and there is more to come.

We have lined up for 2013, a trans America trip on, on/off road motor bikes in August by Dee & Peter Campbell, a local team going out to the Caribbean this February, young Matt Collier off to Everest BAse camp and a very strong possibility of a particularly harsh & brutal 100 mile Desert Marathon by my good friend Greg Pretorious. Another mountain for me, conquering of Djebel Toubkal in Morocco with a bunch of newbies, I am keen to initiate into mountaineering !!

What a fully packed year. Look out for our 'Adventure series' by all these adventurers. More on this soon.

              Countries                   People    Year
Switzerland - Magic forrestSam Johnson & Rob Hutton    2011
France - ChamonixStewart King, Dan Maudhub, Alistair Campbell    2012
Iceland - ReykyavikRoss & Elva Mundell    2012
Germany - SkiingChloe Pattison    2012
Scotland - Old man of HoySam Johnson    2012
Canada - TorontoStacey Wilson    2012
Israel - JerusalemMark Biddlecomb    2012
Wales - BreconsStewart King & Dan Maudhub    2012
England - SnowdonJonathan Lockwood    2012
Peru - Machupichu & Amazon Mark & Carrie Ruddock    2012
Sicily - ClimbingKyle Rance    2012
Italy - Grand ParadisoStewart King, Dan Maudhub, Alistair Campbell    2012
Everest Base CampMatt Collier    2013
Trans America on motor bikesPeter & Dee Campbell    2013
CarribeanTBC    2013
Namibia - 100 mile desert raceGreg Pretorious -TBC    2013
Morocco - Djebel ToubkalHseven Team    2013

Wath this space during 2013, you will be amazed at the conquering of dreams by Hseven people !!
Are you one ?

6 January 2013

2013 What does it hold for the Hseven TEAM

Welcome to 2013 from the Hseven team. We are really looking forward to all this year has to offer. We have taken some bold behind the scenes steps to esure 2013 is a full exciting year. Our strengths are more focussed and we are already building good relationships internationally with gear manufacturers to improve our offereing. Our current clothing line will condense some, to esure we are getting the right products out to the right customers.

Better sure footed and strong than over stretch yourself and be too thin and ineffective !!!

It promises to be a year of good solid growth and exposure, not just for us, but hopefully for all of you who faithfully follow Hseven.

We aim to get your stories and pictures out there too this year on our blog and I am sure there will be some prizes on offer aswell in due course.

Thanks to all our loyal supporters and here is to a brilliant 2013 as we all grow together in enjoying what we love most .. climbing mountaineering adventure and of course gear gear gear !!!

Many thanks
The Hseven team