8 April 2012

Hseven goes to the next level ????

Keep posted to see what this nutter and Hseven have in common 

Our Latest Flyer !!

Hseven's newest sponsored climber and additional to the family

As I mentioned in the last article, sponsorship and the mine field that it is, has been a real learning curve. What it looks like, what it includes etc etc has really posed a challenge for me. Fortunately having had a lot of time to work this through and with the latest addition to the Hseven family of Kyle Rance,  Things are looking rosy and it should be a great year for both Kyle and ourselves. It really boils down to what is mutually beneficial for both climber and Sponsor and how the two can work together to get a head. Kyle has just moved up to Sheffield amidst some trial and tribulation but has already got straight into the local climbing. 

We are looking forward to much from Kyle in terms of just getting out there and doing the thing that he lovesmost and getting the Hseven name out to the people who it is intended for.

We can look forward to many pictures, video and blog items which you will e able to find on our web site. Kyle is already in demand in relation to training tips. Always good.

Welcome to Hseven Kyle and happy climbing mate !!

Check out Kyle's blog: 


2012 SIBL 'Reach' round

2012 SIBL 'Reach' round saw the second of 2 events Hseven Sponsored. A very different feel to the Acrh but then that is what each round is about. Something different at really good climbing centres. The Hseven team was joined by Nick Ronaasen, new to climbing  but really up for adventure. It was a really good day and getting to know the more familiar faces from the first round Hseven sponsored was really good. we had loads of time to chat to the climbers and time to think and rethink our strategy, especially sponsorship. This has been a real interesting journey so far over the last 6 months. 

Left : the team setting up for the day.
Right: Hseven/Rev team climber Rob Hutton strutting his stuff. Thanks to all the folks who stopped to chat and find out more about us.

Some really interesting problems for the climbers to say the least.