13 November 2011

Hseven's First sponsored event - Sibl -The Arch climbing wall in London

Wow what an awesome day !!!! Small beginning are the best because there is so much to see and learn, although this will never end. Just mixing with the climbers, meeting up with our sponsored climbers and  generally having a good time building relationships with people. Chatting and more chatting !! A really relaxed atmosphere has always characterised SIBL with competitors encouraging eah other on, a far cry form the tense international comps. SIBL is about good climbing, good friends and a good time with good prozes of course.

There are so many lessons to learn but those rare moments when you see a dream come true, floor you and make it all worth while.

There was a climb off because of tie places. I was sitting and watching the guys and girls duke it out in spectacular athletic style. I looked up at the Hseven banner, watched the climbers, listened to the crowds and had the realisation of a dream come true. So long ago I had the dream of seeing exactly that, my company banner up as sponsors of a climbing event. The best part was handing out the prizes to the winners and runners up .... Such a brief hard won moment but worth every inch of ground won.

How amazing and stunning those moments are. The best bit is that I will have them for the rest of my life as I dream and trust and work hard to see things unfold with Hseven. They will also get bigger and better ...What an awesome privilege !!!!

Thanks to Mark, Rachael and Jonathan for thier support and being an awseome good looking buch of guys always ready to help and serve..... but make no mistake, we had a good time with loads of naughtiness and laughter.

Feb round 'the Reach' here we we come !!!