29 August 2011

And then some days !!!!

Yes Yes I know mountains and all that ... I must be honest I got completely side swiped the other day watching 'Surf'sUp' a childrens movie about a surfing penguine with my oldest boy and man did the nostalgia hit hard. My mind running back to Cape Town especially long beach ... Dawn patrols with that African sun peaking over the horizon with a gazillion spectacular colours and feeling the warmth hit you !!! You close your eyes and just lie on your board, sea sun, waves. In moments like that you want to just stay there forever. One of my friends in Florida put up on face book a couple of weeks ago that he was taking his son out on his first dawn patrol ... What an awesome experience dad and son ... first dawn patrol. I cant wait til my boys are up for it !!!

Enjoy !!! Ali

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Paul Kuhne said...

Well we have the most awesome break here at East Beach Port Alfred, you are welcome to visit us and join me in the water, it's a right and beautiful. massive beaches and dunes for sand boarding, take care Ali, Paul