29 June 2011

Climbing in Swanage

I had the awesome priviledge to spend a weekend away with some friends down in Swanage. The guys had not climbed before and had only done similar things at school ie abseiling. A windy rainy start to the weekend at Tom's Field campsite just outside ofg Swanage. The closest climbing  routes walls were the quarry - Dancing Ledge.  A huge mixture of climbs from higher 5's to 7C's mainly lead routes. We opted for much simpler routes as you can imagine just to get the guys going and enjoying themselves. Saturday was a washout but we did the walk to the climbing walls. Sunday was excellent. We hit the walls early and got the guys up and down for ages which they really enjoyed.


When last did you do something that you really enjoy and that is just for yourself. Remember it is important to have some time to yourself. We can get so caught up in life and family and miss things purely because we are at the coal face. Take some time do something you rememebr that you really enjoyed.  
Just breathe, and have fun !!!!

What we got up to...

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